Christopher Darnell Jones Jr Biography,(Nov 2022) Wiki, Age, Networth, Murder

Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. is allegedly a prime suspect in a shooting, which killed three individuals and injured two others at the …

Christopher Darnell Jones Jr Biography

The shooter who killed many people at the University of Virginia on Sunday was apprehended late on Monday morning. At a press conference given by the police at eleven in the morning, the arrest was revealed.

The only person of interest was Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., a University of Virginia student and former football player, who was charged with killing three student athletes and injuring two more.

Shots were allegedly fired inside a school charter bus that was parked at the Culbreth Garage on campus, according to the police. When the incident happened, the kids were returning from a vacation to watch a play in Washington, D.C. The University of Virginia has revealed that the three fatalities were all football players for the UVA team: wide receivers Lavel Davis Jr. and Devin Chandler, as well as linebacker and defensive end D’Sean Perry. The two other students who were harmed in the incident will not have their identities released at this time, according to the police.


According to UVA Police Chief Timothy Longo, Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. was discovered by UVA’s threat assessment team in the fall of this year.

The threat assessment team was informed by the office of student affairs that Jones had mentioned having a gun to a third party individual who was not connected to the school in September of 2022. According to Longo, the witness never saw a gun, and no threats were made in connection with the statement.

The threat assessment team became aware of Jones as well as his suspected involvement in a hazing inquiry that was ultimately closed because witnesses refused to participate.

Authorities discovered Jones had previously been involved in a concealed weapon case outside of Charlottesville in February 2021 during that investigation.

Longo claimed that Jones was required to inform the school of the investigation but never did. The matter is still pending adjudication after the university filed the proper charges through the judiciary council.

He was also listed as a member of the UVA football team in 2018

Jones Jr. attended the ninth and tenth grades at Varina High in Henrico, Virginia, where 7News anchor Kellye Lynn reported on Monday.

Christopher Jones Jr. is referred to as “a clever child” by those who knew him.

These are the remarks of Varina High School’s head football coach in Henrico, Virginia.

In 2016, Marcus Lewis, who works for 7News, instructed the linebacker and running back.

Lewis says, “I don’t remember him ever getting into problems.” “We didn’t have any problems with his behaviour,”

Jones began attending schools in the system in 2013, when he was an eighth-grader at John Rolfe Middle, according to Henrico County Public Schools.

From 2014 to 2016, he then attended Varina High for ninth and tenth grade.

According to the Virginia Cavaliers’ website, Jones was president of the Key Club and named Student of the Year his first and second years at Varina. He was also a member of the National Honor Society.

The suspected gunman’s family was contacted by 7News as well.

Margo Ellis, who identified herself as Jones’ mother, would only say, “Pray for everyone involved,” when contacted by phone. Make a prayer for a better day.

He was enrolled in the system from 2013 to 2016, according to Henrico County Public Schools, and he also finished eighth grade at John Rolfe Middle School.

After Sunday’s fatal shooting, Jones Jr. was charged with three charges of second-degree murder and three counts of using a weapon while committing a crime. In Henrico County, he will be arraigned on Tuesday.

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