What Is Candy Montgomery?  (Nov 2022) Age Today?

Candy Montgomery, an American housewife, was born on November 15, 1949. After being charged with killing Betty Gore, the wife of her lover, Candy rose to fame.

A killing took place in Wylie, Texas, on June 13, 1980. During the assault, a wood-splitting axe struck Gore 41 times.

The day Gore was killed, her husband was away. He couldn’t get his wife on the phone, so he asked their neighbours to look into it. They broke through the door to the house and discovered Gore’s body.

Candy Montgomery birthdate

In 1949, on November 15th, Candy was born.

How old is Candy Montgomery today?

At the moment, Candy is 72 years old. Her birth year was 1949.

Candy Montgomery children

Candy had two youngsters. Jennifer and Ian were their names.

Is Candy Montgomery still married?

Pat Montgomery, an electrical engineer, and Candy were wed. It’s not entirely clear, though, if they are still married.

Where does Candy Montgomery live now?

Following the incident, Candy is said to have moved to Georgia, where she still resides.

Is Candy Montgomery alive?

Candy is still alive and is employed as a therapist in Georgia.

Candy Montgomery net worth

It is thought that Candy is valued between $1 and $2 million.

Candy Montgomery’s relationship with Allan, Betty Gore’s husband

When Betty confronted Candy about their alleged personal relationship after learning that Allan Gore, Betty’s husband, was involved, Candy fatally hacked Betty with an axe.

How old was Betty Gore?

Betty was 30 years old when Candy brutally killed her.

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