Who Is Tya Posley’s Baby Father?(Nov 2022) All You Need To Know

American citizen Tya Posley was imprisoned for striking her 1-year-old daughter for undisclosed reasons before being released.

A social media video going viral that showed her hitting her 1-year-old daughter led to her arrest.

As soon as the frightening video was published on social media, netizens started looking into Tya Posley, and the authorities eventually caught up with her.

Who is Tya Posley?

Florida is where Tya Posley is originally from in the United States. She gained notoriety as a result of a viral video showing her abusing her 1-year-old kid.

Who is Tya Posley baby father?

Tya Posley is accused of abusing their one-year-old daughter out of her resentment about their unhealthy relationship. Her baby’s father’s name hasn’t yet been revealed, though.

What did Tya Posley do?

Following the release of a viral video showing Tya Posley assaulting her 1-year-old kid, she was detained.

Tya Posley age, family and early life

Tya, a 23-year-old woman, was detained for maltreating her 1-year-old child. The Post observed a brief video of a mother, maybe Posley, yelling and pointing at her daughter, but it no longer seems to be available.

The man smacks the weeping child on what appears to be her face and back just before the video finishes. She was conceived on April 13, 1999. She is an Aries by horoscope. She was born in the American continent. Posley has both an Afro-American ancestry and American citizenship. On the internet, not much is known about Tya’s family and personal life.

Tya Posley  career. What is her profession?

Tya was the alleged mother who was seen in a viral video slapping her one-year-old kid. Her occupation is still a mystery.

Tya Posley net worth

 Tya has no known wealth.

Tya Posley weight and height

At this time, neither Tya’s height nor weight are known.

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