Who Is World Tallest Woman?(Nov 2022) Rumeysa Gelgi Bio, Height, Age, Parents

Who Is the Tallest Woman in the World? Rumaya Gelgi Height, height, age, and parents Karabük is the region where Gelgi resides in Turkey. Her tall stature is a result of Weaver syndrome, an uncommon disorder that also causes rapid growth.

Three times as many men as women are impacted. Due to her condition, she often moves in a wheelchair but can occasionally walk. According to Gelgi, she wants to use her position to spread awareness of illnesses and problems similar to her own.

Rumeysa Gelgi biography

Her zodiac sign is Capricorn based on her birthdate, and both of her parents are employed in the medical industry.

Her older sister in the family is Hilal Gelgi. Sources claim that her sister is a lab technician as well. On her social media pages, she shared pictures of herself with her family.

She was born with the traits of the extremely uncommon genetic abnormality called Weaver Syndrome. Due to her unusual condition, she underwent a number of surgeries as a child. All during her youth and teens, she struggled greatly.

She enrolled in her hometown’s high school. She obtained her high school diploma in 2016. She finished her studies at home due to physical restrictions. In the COVID-19 quarantines, Gelgi started studying web development in 2020, according to her website.

She works as a Junior Front-End Developer in the tech sector at the moment (advanced in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

She had to deal with a range of problems throughout her life due to her unusual condition. At the moment, she is focused on her career.

Rumeysa Gelgi height

Rumeysa Gelgi stands 2.34 metres tall.

Rumeysa Gelgi age

She was 25 years old as of 2022 and was born on January 1st, 1997.

Rumeysa Gelgi parents

Some information on her parents is not. Although his identity is not well known, it is said that her father is a doctor. Safiye Gelgi, her mother, is a lab technician.

Rumeysa Gelgi Instagram

Rumeysa Gelgi is an active user of social media, particularly Instagram, which is a well-liked network. She has more than 24,000 followers on Instagram and has published more than 300 posts. She frequently interacts with his supporters.

Rumeysa Gelgi religion

She is a Muslim, much like the majority of Turks.

Rumeysa Gelgi career

She works as a front-end developer, researcher, and advocate.

Rumeysa Gelgi net worth

Rumeysa Gelgi has a net worth of roughly $1 million, according to our investigations.

Rumeysa Gelgi Guinness World Records

She formerly held the record for the tallest living female teenager and currently holds the Guinness World Records for tallest living woman, largest hands (female), longest fingers (female), and longest back (female).

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